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Community Midwifery is an out of hospital based midwifery practice located in Western Sonoma County servicing the North San Francisco Bay Area.

We provide a full range of comprehensive and compassionate care for all families. Our mission is to enhance, respect and protect the powerful journey of life for each pregnant individual by being your care provider and advocate each step of the way.

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Our belief is that grounded transparency is a key ingredient in a successful and trusting relationship between each client and midwife. We view health, pregnancy and childbirth as a normal and a uniquely personal process, knowing that when this truth is honored and reflected by a skilled and loving provider the midwifery model of care gives all people and families the chance to make sound, informed, safe, supported and educated decisions about their bodies and health that feels in alignment for them. There is a normal physiological unfolding of pregnancy and birth that is fueled by mother and child and with it carries the capacity to enhance the best outcome for both with no unnecessary interventions.

Community Midwifery is founded on creating and fostering sustainable relations with openness in community as a whole. We welcome people of all types and are committed to serving anyone regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, immigration status, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, and/or gender identity.

The birth of a baby lays at the gateway to the transformative process of parenthood. This is a profound initiation for any person and family to go through whatever baby it may be. Each one holding its own innate wisdom of life and bringing the powerful gift of full embodiment of oneself. Community Midwifery is committed to maintaining and being ushers of exactly this so that you can have the experience each growing family deserves.

Community Midwifery also offers natural fertility counseling and preconception visits, and well-person gyn care; including annual exams, routine blood work, pap smears, STI screening, and family planning/contraception counseling.
Queer & Gender Nonconforming friendly.

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