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Taya Mohler

Taya Mohler is a Certified Professional Midwife, Licensed Midwife and Clinical Herbalist who has been working as a women’s health care provider, advocate and educator locally and globally since 2009. With a deep love for women’s/peoples health she blends practical skill and spirited passion with the hopes of only serving with authentic care and compassionate care.

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The path that brought me into midwifery and health was one that started at an early age. My attraction to the human form and body, its inner workings and the natural world around was one that has always intrigued and inspired me.

As for birth, it was always something I wanted to be around. From the animals that I grew around, to my aunt giving birth to my cousins at home when I was young, to the openness my mother shared about the births of my siblings and me.

Birth was taught to me as a normal unfolding of life.

At nineteen years of age I was living in Southern Utah and I met a woman that was aged in such grace and carried a deep wisdom. I came to learn she was midwife. I didn’t know her for long but in the time I spent with her listening and learning her story, there was something about the way she talked about her work that felt so familiar. I knew that that was the direction that I would walk in life when the time came. In my early twenties I attended the birth of my sisters first child, my niece Madeline. At that point I was young though a little more lived than my 19 year old self. I was completely inspired by and awe stricken by the power and rawness of a woman in labor. The capacity of strength and courage that is meet at each stage of birth. The deep knowing and acknowledgment that there was a cord that was ultimately connecting me to this work only became more intact. In 2007 I enrolled in the California School of Herbal Studies for 3 years. Taking the 500 hour program the first year followed by 2 years of the intermediate and advanced clinical classes. During this time at the CSHS I became a doula and started attending births more regularly. In 2010 the feeling that had been with me for the last 10 years became one that no longer could be ignored. I moved to Taos New Mexico  and began my midwifery training through the National College of Midwifery and my apprenticeship at the Northern New Mexico Birth Center. Here I stayed for two years. Learning from my teachers and attending births in a culturally rich diverse population. In 2012 I decided to finish my clinicals at Better Birth, a high volume practice that offers birth center births at various centers in the greater Salt Lake Area as well as home birth. I attended many births here, fine tuning my clinical skills and deepening my intuitive skills. Learning that this two go hand and hand in the care of any client.

I became licensed in 2013 by NARM as a certified professional midwife. The year after I became a licensed midwife with the California Medical Board. After becoming licensed I continued to work with Better Birth for a short time. In 2014 I returned to California and began to grow and create the home birth practice that would become Community Midwifery.

In January of 2015 I found myself on a plane going to volunteer for Midwife Pilgrim, a non-profit that brings care in crisis situations and would spend the next few years mostly working internationally as a midwife helping in providing care for the refugee crisis in Europe, the Middle East and Bangladesh. I learned so much in these years about the truth of humanity, how to listen, and the incredible strength, resilience and love a mother has and how much as humans we are forced to endure and our ability to keep going.

A few other things I do as a midwife is I sit on the board of Midwife Pilgrim as a volunteer coordinator for Bangladesh and Turkey. I am the health director for a new project that is being born by the non profit Rural to Rural that works primarily in communities of Western Uganda. At Rural to Rural we are in the midst of creating a sustainable and long term model of care by working with the local providers to help improve maternal and infant outcomes. I am also a master trainer in the Helping Mothers Survive and Helping Babies Breathe programs.

In my work as a midwife I look towards the continuation of extending this hand and heart of resource, skill and service. Through the collaboration of teaching, learning and offering outreach healthcare and midwifery services to all. The passion I feel after attending the few hundred births I have is to hold close and focus always on the aid and health of the women/person whether it be in my own community or in the low resource settings around the globe, where the most vulnerable in need live, by sharing the loving and safe care that everyone deserves.

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